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A portable unit designed for facilitating communication between a speaker and wearer/s of T-coil hearing aids.
The LoopHEAR™ is ideal for one to one applications such as at service counters, railway stations, banks, in vehicles and at small meeting rooms. This lightweight unit includes, within the casing an induction loop, a built-in amplifier and an external earpiece.


  • Complies with EN60118-4
  • Portable Loop with fixed option 
  • Magnetic field strength LED indicator 
  • Built-in microphone 
  • Adjustable Volume knob for external HAC earpiece 
  • Connector for an external Loop 
  • 3.5 mm Connection for audio Equipment (MP3, computer, etc) 
  • Low battery + recharging LED indicators 
  • On/Off switch 
  • Indicator level output of the loop 
  • Adjusting the input level 
  • Adjustable magnetic field 
  • Adjustable tone control 
  • Supplied in a lightweight case